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"Here's How You Can Get Copy For Your Website That Brings You An Endless Stream Of Hot Leads And New Customers... Customers Who Buy Over And Over Again!"

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The copywriter who is the "secret weapon" that has already sold MILLIONS of dollars worth of products and services for  hundreds of different businesses - and now you can put the "Secret Weapon" to work for you!

From the Desk Of: Ray Edwards
Essay.tv, Washington

It's sad, really.

I read most people's web pages and just shake my head.

I hope your website isn't like most of the other sites I see online these days.  

Almost every website that tries to sell something makes the same mistakes. Mistakes rooted in ignorance and ego.

Will you let your ego cost you tens-of-thousands-of-dollars or more? Day after day? Week after week?

Are you willing to read some really good advice, and then when you see the complete logic of that advice... to follow it?

If you said, "yes" - congratulations. You're in the 2% minority of business people. You get a free pass to leave the ranks of the "ignorant masses".

Where Almost Every Online Business Goes Wrong

Here's how it happens for most online businesses:

  1. Someone has an idea for a product or a service.
  2. They plan their businesses carefully.
  3. They slap up a slick-looking website...and wait.
Guess what happens? Nothing, that's what.

Most websites are like a Western Ghost town.

You can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing down the empty streets.

The "Gun To The Head" Choice

What's the most important thing on your website?

Is it the pictures? Or is it the words?

If someone put a gun to your head and said, "Choose! You either get pictures, or you get words - but you can't have both. Which is it?"

The hammer on the gun clicks back...

I hope you answered, "The words."

Words Sell - Pictures Don't

The problem is, of course, coming up with just the right words.

Direct advertising copywriters know that changing just one word in a headline, or tweaking one paragraph or layout element, can result in huge sales increases.

But before we get into the secrets of what makes a great ad (and make no mistake, your website itself is indeed an ad), let's ask a more basic question...

    What Is Advertising?

Back in 1904, a man named Albert Lasker was the head of advertising for Lord and Thomas Advertising. Lasker received an unusual note:

I am in the saloon downstairs, and I can tell you what advertising is. I know that you don't know.

It will mean much to me to have you know what it is... and it will mean much to you.

If you wish to know what advertising is, send the word 'yes' down by messenger.

-John E. Kennedy

You see, Kennedy was an obscure copywriter looking for a break. What he had no way of knowing was that Lasker had been searching for a true definition of advertising for over 7 years.

Upon reading that note, Lasker immediately had Kennedy brought up to his office.

During the meeting that followed, Kennedy spoke three words that changed the world of advertising forever.

When Lasker asked how Kennedy would explain what advertising really is, Kennedy said, "Salesmanship in print."

"Salesmanship In Print"

Every time someone visits your website, a sale is made.

Every time.

Either you are selling the visitor on the idea they need to buy your product...or they are selling themselves on the idea that they don't need to buy your product.

It's that simple.

If you hired a salesman to work for you in the "real world", and 100 people were interested enough to come through the door, but none of them bought...what would you do?

My guess is you'd either fire that salesperson, or you'd get them some sales training real fast.

The same should hold true for your website or your direct mail sales letters!

The words - the sales copy - on your website are your salesman (remember, it's "salesmanship in print").

If the sales copy on your site is not making enough sales (you should get a bare minimum 1% conversion rate - that is, 1 out of every 100 visitors should buy something) you either need to fix your copy--or replace it!

Let's look at some tips on what your copy needs to be doing for you...

"Four Things Your Copy Must  Do -
Or You Lose Money!"

There are four key tasks your copy must accomplish:

  1. Your copy MUST get your reader's Attention. Your headline must grab your reader's eyes and draw them into your site; it must hit them between the eyes, so that just for a moment they stop and read what you have to say.

  2. Your copy MUST keep your reader's Interest. The body of your copy must keep drawing them down into you story (after the headline has sucked them in). It must keep the reader glued to the page - the deeper they get into your story, the more likely they will buy.

  3. Your copy MUST inflame your reader's Desire. Your copy must do more than just present a good logical case for your product; it must make your reader long for the product; it must inflame the reader's desire so that they feel they must have the benefits your product offers.

  4. Your copy MUST spur your reader to Action. Remember how I said every time someone visits your site, a  sale is made? You  need action! You need them to click the button marked "BUY"! Powerful copy makes this happen.
Here Is Your "Million Dollar Secret Formula"

Before I spell out the one and only true formula for effective selling (whether it be in print, on the web, on the radio, or face to face) I really want you to STOP ALL OTHER ACTIVITY.

WARNING: Your tendency is going to be to read the following formula and say something like one (or all) of the statements below:

  1. "Oh yeah, I already knew that. Big deal."
  2. "That's Advertising 101. I want something new."
  3. "My prospects/visitors/readers/customers are different. This won't work for them."
Please forgive me for being blunt: BULL.
Even if you've "heard it before", I urge you to look at what I'm about to tell you with "fresh eyes", and to take some time to "think through" the ideas. Here it is:

 Attention + Interest + Desire = Action

...this is the marketer's formula better known by its acronym: AIDA.

So What's The Big Deal About AIDA, Ray?

Here's why I am making such a big deal about this: most people have heard of the AIDA formula. And most people promptly go right out and ignore it.

It's easy to ignore, after all.

It's easier to think about what you want instead of what your prospect or customers want.

It's hard to get into the prospects frame of mind.

But if you can manage to do it...

...if you can get into the same "thought-stream" as your prospects, and learn what they want, how they want to receive it, and why it's important to them...

...you'll find that they trust you so much they can't wait to whip out those credit cards and buy from you!

Why Businesses Fail, And How You Can Avoid It

I would estimate that maybe as many as 90% of all business people, ad copywriters, speakers, salespeople, and media salespeople just don't follow the AIDA formula. 

Amazing, but true.

Most business people, copywriters, and marketers get hung up on the wrong things, like:

  • Making sure the site/letter/mailer/brochure looks slick and "big time".

  • Looking impressive to their peers.

  • Talking about themselves ("we've been in business 20 years"... "we're the Number One company in our field"...)

  • Being "creative" or "funny" without knowing if that helps get them to their goal.

  • Being "professional" while sacrificing sales and prospects.

  • Being lazy and using the same tired formula approach for every piece of copy.

  • Writing the copy themselves, even if they have no real experience writing copy.
And yet - with just a little bit of work, and perhaps some help from someone who knows what they're doing, it could all be so different.

If you get nothing else out of reading this letter, I hope you'll get this...

...analyze every advertising and sales activity in your business, and ask yourself: does this follow the AIDA sequence?

If it doesn't - change that activity or advertising, or get rid of it altogether.

It's possible that all it will take is to re-analyze, re-format, re-write and revise your advertising copy.

Think of it: All that may be standing between you and making a massive income online (or off-line) are just words ...

Why You Want Me To Write Your Copy

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, my name is Ray Edwards.

You've probably never heard of me.

That's because I've been writing copy for the last 20 years - I have not been promoting myself online or through mail-order (like so many other so-called "copywriters" have been). I haven't been busy selling "courses" on "how to write copy" - I've been writing copy.

Who have I been writing copy for? Hundreds of clients, including:

  • Banks
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Hair Transplant Surgeons
  • Auto Dealers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Radio Stations
  • Hot Tub Dealers
  • Pet Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • TV Stations
  • High-Tech Firms
That's just a partial list - but I want you to know I've got broad-based experience. I'm not some rookie who read some websites and ebooks and decided he could write copy.

I've got the chops - and I've proved it.

What kinds of copy have I written? Again, the list is extensive. It includes:
  • Long-copy sales letters
  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • Direct Fax Campaigns
  • Radio Commercials
  • One-Sheets and Fliers
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Articles
  • Website content
Taught By The Masters

Tony Robbins once observed that reading something written by a genius (like Dickens, Shakespeare, or Lincoln) is like being taught directly by that person - you're thinking that person's thoughts, just exactly as they wrote them down, with their own hand.

What a powerful idea!

That's how I've studied copywriting - by immersing myself in the "source material" of the Great Masters. The men who have written the "million dollar letters".

I have, over the last 15 years or so, carefully studied the principles taught by the giants of direct marketing:
  • Jay Abraham
  • Robert Bly
  • Gary Halbert
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Claude Hopkins
  • Joe Polish
  • Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Robert Collier
  • Joe Sugarman
  • Carl Galleti
  • John Carlton
  • John Caples
This means you can be certain that every piece of  copy I write is based on sound, proven, tested principles that are meant to accomplish one thing: to sell tons of your product or service.

Five Excellent Reasons Why You Want Me
To Craft Your Copy

  1. Advertising and marketing is my actual, full-time business - not my hobby (like it is for so many "online copywriter" types).

  2. I've written thousands of pieces of copy that has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services.

  3. I've got experience in just about every kind of copywriting medium you can imagine.

  4. I've got experience with just about every kind of product or service you can name.

  5. I'm not some "new to the game" kid who read an e-book or two and decided to hang out a shingle on the Internet. I'm a seasoned professional who can help you make more sales.

"Your Copy Kicked Butt!"


The copy you wrote for me was incredible. I had tried writing my own copy, and also tried a couple of different copywriters, but your copy kicked butt!

Somehow you figured out how to write copy that makes people BUY, and that's what it's all about. 

Thanks again!

Robin Helton
CompuTech Systems

Questions You May Want To Ask Me

Now, maybe you ended up at my website out of curiosity. That’s natural — especially if you’ve never hired a freelance copywriter before.

Or maybe you already know you need a good business-to-business/direct response copywriter —someone who combines good writing skill, sales ability, and years of experience in advertising, marketing, and promotions.

Whatever the case, I’m sure you want to know more about a writer before you hire him.

If we were sitting face-to-face, meeting in your office about your project, you’d probably ask me lots of questions. Let me try to answer a few of those questions right now...


I’ve written hundreds of radio commercials, TV commercials, direct mail pieces, one-sheets, fliers, brochures, billboards, music-on-hold scripts, training manuals, corporate policy and procedures, web site copy, and email marketing campaigns.

I’ve given seminars on copywriting, marketing, and promotions for professionals in those fields.

I have published articles in radio trade journals, published one book, and have several other book projects currently in development.


If you sell to business, industry, professionals, or through direct response, chances are I already have experience dealing with your type of product or service—or something very similar.

I have written copy for almost every kind of business you can imagine: auto dealers, soft drink companies, attorneys, physicians, music stores, insurance companies, recording artists, nutritional supplements, web sites, construction firms, recruitment firms, weight loss clinics, motorcycle shops, real estate brokers, seminars, television programs, furniture companies, credit repair, gyms, auto mechanics… this is only a partial list.

Even if you have a business that I have not had some experience with, my unique research and fact-finding methods will ensure that your copy will accomplish exactly what you want it to.


While I cover the full spectrum of copywriting projects, around 80 percent of my business is writing direct mail and direct web site copy, sales brochures for business, radio commercials, and television commercials.

The rest of my work covers diverse marketing materials, including ads, PowerPoint copy, case histories, feature articles, slide presentations, press releases, newsletters, catalogs, annual reports, product guides, manuals, film and videotape scripts, and speeches.

My specialty is my ability to write clear, credible, persuasive copy about a wide range of business products and services, from the simple to the highly technical.

I’m known for being able to quickly grasp complex marketing problems and turn those into persuasive copy that motivates customers and prospects to take action. My copy gets results.

Of course, I can’t predict how many responses my ad, mailer, or literature package will pull for you. But I can guarantee your satisfaction with the copy you receive from me.

"All My Future Copy Done By You!"


The copy you wrote for TrafficSolution is Awesome!

Very nice flow, strong headlines and action callouts.

The best thing is you get to know
exactly what I  want in the copy! I look forward to all my future sales copy done by you!

Micky Multani


In addition to writing copy, many of my clients want me to work with them as a consultant, helping them plan marketing campaigns that generate maximum response.

They’re pleased and happy to get on-target advice that works—at an affordable fee—and they like the fact that I don’t charge a monthly retainer.


Ideally I like to have 3–4 weeks to work on your copy. That gives me the time to polish, edit and revise until I'm happy with every word.

If the job is a rush, indicate the date by which you must receive the copy on the order form. If I take on the job, I guarantee that you will have the copy on your desk by this deadline date—or sooner. No matter what the deadline, the copy I submit to you will be right. You can depend on it.


Just tell me what you want improved and what the changes are, and I’ll make them—fast.

There is NO CHARGE for rewriting. Revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed to for the assignment provided they are assigned within 30 days of your receipt of the copy and are not based on a change in the assignment after copy has been submitted.

Most clients are pleased and enthusiastic about my copy when they receive it. But if you are not 100 percent satisfied, I will revise the copy according to your specific guidelines... and at my expense.


It's simple to get started. My general fees are as follows:

  • Writing a new sales letter - $1,497

  • Rewriting of existing copy - $997

  • Copy critique - $497

Every project is different, and these are rough guidelines (and, by the way, are my minimum fees).  Request a FREE quote for YOUR project, and I will quickly provide you with an exact cost.

"The Total Website Marketing Package"

Most website owners, even when they hire a copywriter, are left with lots of copy they still have to write themselves: they have to make that persuasive sales letter fit in with all their other marketing materials.

Doesn't it make sense to have all your marketing materials "match"? Don't you want the same quality of writing in all your materials?

I will provide you with all the written material you'll need for your online (or offline) business:

  • Sales Letter
  • Order Forms
  • Press Release
  • Free Reports
  • Lead Generation Page
  • Autoresponder Series ("mini-courses", etc.)
  • Post Purchase Autoresponder Series (reduces returns!)
  • Audio Scripts
  • Audio VO recorded by a professional VO artist.
  • Web Design Consult - text, color, navigation. Consultation only.
If you're serious about your online marketing efforts, ask for a quote on the "Total Website Marketing Package".

"An Amazing Transformation!"


Before you wrote my salesletter, I hadn't even sold one of this particular product online, even though it had gotten great reviews from people who've seen it in person.

Within a week after I posted your newly created page, I had heard from 5 potential buyers, and two companies actually purchased one.

It was an amazing transformation of my business. Ray, I can't thank you enough for working on this project for me.

Mitch Mitchell
T.T. Mitchell Consulting

"Ray, Your Fees Are Kind Of High"

High compared to what?

Compared to mediocre copy that doesn't make sales happen?

Compared to wasting your own time trying to write copy when that's not your job or your expertise?

Compared to cheap copywriters who don't have experience, and who don't know what they're doing?

My fees are a bargain compared to some of the "legendary" status copywriters I mentioned earlier, who may charge $15,000 - $25,000 for a single letter! (Little-known secret: many of these guys don't actually write these letters - they have a protege do it, and they simply do a quick review...)

Bottom line: this is the one area of your business where you don't need to be cutting corners. My rates are more than fair for professional-level work of this kind.

That being said, every project is different, and some cost more than others.  

I can give you an exact price quote if you call me at (206) 222-2151, or email me here.

"Let's Get Started On Your Copy Right Now!"

Now let's work together to create your copy. Here is the step-by-step process we need to get started now:

  1. Send for your free quote, or call me at (206) 222-2151.

  2. Sign your order form requesting your copy project (along with your written price quote, I'll send you the order form to sign) and fax it back to me.

  3. Fill out your questionnaire and return it to me along with your 50% deposit.

  4. I'll get your project on my schedule and I'll give you a completion date. This is normally 2-4 weeks from the start date.

  5. Critiques can be done via email, and I can get your critique back to you in 1-2 weeks.

  6. Rush jobs require a 25% additional charge - but this moves you to the top of my schedule. I can only accept one rush job at a time, so these are limited. I can usually turn rush jobs around in 3-5 days.

Take Advantage Of These Prices Now

I know, I know.

Everybody says "these prices won't last"... but in this case I suspect it's true.

Think about it: I can only write so much copy every week. I have a "real life", too. Why does that matter to you? Glad you asked...

I've already raised my copywriting prices more than once, to try and keep my schedule "sane". My copy gets real, measurable results for my clients - and as word gets around, I'm getting more and more requests for writing projects.

As the demand for my copywriting increases, so do my rates - it's the only way I can keep my schedule under control.

If you think I'm not serious, check back here in a couple of months. The prices you see now will not be available.

Ray Edwards
Author, Copywriter, Marketing Consultant.

P.S. Remember, copy is "salesmanship in print". You need the best copy you can get, written by someone who knows how to get people to read it, to believe it, and to act on it.

P.P.S. The right copy can have people whipping out their wallets to buy from you... the question is, do you have the right copy? For most people the answer is "no". Why not get the right copy today?  Click HERE to get your FREE quote or call me at (206) 222-2151.

P.P.P.S. The best value is the Total Website Marketing Package. You get an entire package of copy for a rate much lower than if you purchased the pieces separately.